Win without being good? Really? The ‘art’ of succeeding when you don’t play by their rules.

Win without being good? Really? The ‘art’ of succeeding when you don’t play by their rules.

I know what you are thinking, how can you win if you aren’t any good? Allow me to share my story of how I win at racquetball. I love racquetball and I have played the game for almost 40 years and yet I don’t think I have been ranked above a mid B level player in all that time.

Now for those of you who don’t know racquetball, there are C, B A and Open players. Open players are the professional players who get paid to play while the A players are the ones who are really really good but just can’t reach that next level. B players are people who play a lot and practice to get better. The C players are the recreational players who think because they play they should be better than they are. Some of you golfers know what I am talking about in that area.

As I play, the people who watch typically would place me in a high C or low B player ranking. Yet, when I play the high B players I usually win. How can that be then that a low B player regularly beats the high B players? Wouldn’t that make me a high B player? And that answer might be, yes, if I played tournaments and competed and moved up the ranks. But since I don’t compete like that, I have to go by what other players think of my skills. And, they rank me high C or low B.

Since I reglularly beat superior players why do they consistently rank me lower? Because it almost never fails that when I play the players who think they are superior in their skills to me, when I beat them, I almost always hear, ‘wow, sorry, I was really off my game today. Next time I will be better.’ And the next time, they aren’t.

So then what is my secret to winning? How can you consistently win when you aren’t any good? Now wait just a minute, I did not say I wasn’t any good. So far I have only stated what others think of my skills.

When I started winning I was amazed that everybody I played seemed to have an ‘off’ game when they played me. It took me a long time to realize that their ‘off’ game happened because my ‘on’ game forced them to have an off day. I don’t play the typical hit the front wall and go for the winners profile. I don’t allow them to get into their kind of game when they play me. I don’t follow the conventional players wisdom of how the game should be played. But I should say, if I were playing the open or A players I would have almost no choice but to play in that mode because the A and Open players ALWAYS play their own game.

A and Open players would not allow me to take them out of their game for very long and would recognize that my style of play, while different, was not what they wanted to play and would immediately come back to their game and beat the pants off of me.

I have found that wisdom to be true in most venues I enter into. The Professional Networking game is played much the same way. This is how you should play ‘Networking’ and this will help you win! This is the way it has always been done and this is the way it will work for you.

But it doesn’t. It doesn’t work that way for most of us. YES it works for the top ten percent the way they say it should. At least that is what appears to happen. But for the rest of us, the skills that they posess are not the skills we seem to be able to master. Instead, we need to look for the NEW way to make Professional Networking work for us. We need to seek out our own methods and change the game so that our expertise is our capital and brings us the results that we have been wanting.

That is why, after many years of practicing my skills, honing my patterns and delivering my methods, I know how Professional Networking will work for the vast majority of us.

That is why I wrote, Become The Go-To Person For Your Own Success. That is why I write blogs. That is why I offer FREE video training. Because I know what will work for the majority of us so that we can win at this game called professional networking.

Would you like to win too?

All you have to do is go to my website, and start your own NEW journey to being a successful Networker and making a boat load of money that you have been dreaming about. Start with some new ideas, make them your own and find the success you have been looking for. Are you still reading? Sheesh! Go to my website NOW! I am Steve Sapato and I believe in you!

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