Think & Grow Rich – The hype is coming! The Hype is coming!

Think & Grow Rich !! The hype is coming! The hype is coming!

Do I sound like Paul Revere? I hope not, because here we go again. I just saw the PROMO for the very hyped new movie, Think & Grow Rich.. with hundreds (ok, dozens) of celebrity speakers and promoters in it. Watch it!  The promo I mean. First, buy the book for $12. You probably already have. Read it again, for less than $12.

The movie and ‘All of the extras’? $59 (and up). Wha? Nuts! A few of us speakers host our own success summits. Mine is Activate Your Success and I teach you how using my own course Mental Prosperity.

Am I claiming to be Napolean Hill? Tony Robbins? Leo Buscaglia? Zig Ziglar? Cavett Roberts? NO!

I do claim to have learned from all of them and I teach those principals.

I do that in one-day courses every quarter. No movie hype but hands-on real-life training to help you get through life better than ever before.

The real difference is, being able to LEARN what is holding you back.

Spend $59 on a movie watching celebrities who want to make a lot more money talk talk talk talk and talk.

Now let me ask you the real question. What is holding you back? For most of us, it is self-doubt. It is fear. It is the story you have been telling and re-telling about yourself since you were a child. Maybe a teenager. Maybe an adult because we were not taught certain things as a child.

What holds us back most of the time is our life experience. Did you have a parent sharing with you daily that you could be anything you wanted to become? Sharing how great you were but then, ah yes, then did they add real life into what they shared with you? When you did fail at things, did they teach you how to succeed the next time? Did they help you achieve the next time? Again and again?

Have you ever dreamed of doing great things? For some of us, YES!!!

But in real life, have you dreamed of just feeling better about yourself? Have you dreamed of just loving yourself? Have you dreamed of just being loved by someone else? Have you dreamed of success? Of wellness? Of feeling emotionally adequate? Of simply being happy? Satisfied? Just wanting to take that deep breath, a sigh that says, I feel great~ a feeling of relief washing over you and a smile that says, I love my life.

YES! YES! and YES???

Well, that cannot be learned from a movie.

THE SECRET came out years ago. Did you grab it? Read it? Listen to it? Deep dive into it? I hope so because The Secret took all of the gurus we mentioned earlier and put them into one nice package promoted by many of the same people. I hope The Secret changed your life. It did for thousands. But, in truth. It should have been only the start of your journey to your dreams.

Who followed up with you? Who helped you keep learning. All of the hype and all of the principals don’t mean a thing unless you first…

First, you have to deep dive into yourself. You have to come to an understanding with you.

Years ago I was teaching a course. One woman stood and shared how she felt trapped and smothered. Her family was making constant demands upon her. Constant needs that she felt only she could deliver. My husband needs, my 4 children need. My mother needs. And when she shared, most of the women in the room shared with her their similar feelings. We talked and I told her that throughout my three-day event we would be dealing with all of these emotions, feelings, memories, guilt, repressed feelings and how by the end we would make a breakthrough for her.

It was a Thursday, Friday, Saturday event. And when we took our lunch break that very first day, she stood up and said, ‘I cannot stay, my children have called and they need me.’ The women all gasped and shared how they had similar responses but they knew how important it was to stay, learn and grow. She left. She did not return for any of the additional training.

Did she see it? No. She was trapped by other things in her life and couldn’t break free for even one day, much less three. Is she happy today? I hope so. I hope something we said in the first few hours created something in her that changed her life.

I coined the term for my course, Mental Prosperity. Not glamorous. Not earth-shattering. But it is all about the power in your mind. The power of your mind IF you can learn how to use it.

And now this movie comes out. Can it help you? Maybe. But it seems like it is just another method for the rich and successful getting more rich and successful.

I know, sound jaded don’t I? Let me end with why I think, that.. there are a few REAL authors out there who have written best selling books. New York Times bestsellers. And then along come some of the gurus who write things like Chicken Soup For The Soul. A huge success. And I would love to have written that. Here is the difference. I Wrote- The Twenty! Catchy title right? The twenty things you need to learn in order to find the love of your life and I always say I should have titled it – Love Is Not Enough, because that is what it is really all about.

But, Chicken Soup guy isn’t satisfied with his book and someone convinces him to be able to HELP you write a best-selling book. But here is the catch, the PITCH, if you want to write a best selling book join them in their quest! Write ONE CHAPTER in their next book and for $25,000 they will help you do that! You and many other so-called authors each write a chapter. In your $25k is also a deal where you purchased 500 or 1000 of your own books. Because there are so many authors.. sales exceed the 10,000 books you need within 90 days (i have forgotten the exact details but you get my drift)

And they say YOUR ARE A BEST SELLING AUTHOR. Are you? Nope. You now have 1000 books to sell, give away, market… how many were actually sold in stores? None.

So the HYPE of the movie seems rather jaded to me. A whole bunch of wealthy people pushing how you can get wealthy, healthy, and wise. Buy the movie and let me know what you think?

Then attend a real workshop somewhere that the trainer is actually in front of you helping you make your breakthrough. I will pray you find your own SECRET.

I am Steve Sapato – the most famous unfamous speaker in America and workshop leader for success & happiness.

Tune into my podcast, The Happiness Agenda and learn how other successful people found their happiness. In iTunes or my website

Many blessings~

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