Is someone lying to your face but you don’t see it? Words twisting into a ‘red herring.’

Someone twisting their words to mask the truth when they are really lying to your face might be what I call a ‘red herring’ but that may not be the right term. Here is what it means to me… saying something that on the surface tells people something that is very misleading… it’s what politicians, sales people, and people around you! do ALL THE TIME!

Here’s a great example ‘Six out of seven dwarfs aren’t happy.’ that indicates at first glance that six dwarfs suffer from unhappiness. Which may or may not be true. But, while the statement is TRUTHFUL, misleads since we all know that one of the dwarfs was named Happy.

ALWAYS look for the ‘red herring’ misleading statement when talking to anyone about anything.

I love it when I meet someone and they tell me they are a ‘best selling author.’ Really? The Book, did you write it all by yourself? Oh, no? Really?

You see to be a ‘Best Seller’ a book must sell 3,000 copies in the first week. If I am one of 10 collaborating authors, meaning I wrote ONE CHAPTER, and each contributing author (chapter writer) had to buy 500 copies according to their agreement, then the publisher/co-author simply places an order for 500 books times 10 authors and BAM! The book sold 5000 copies. A Best Seller… but was it? Did they sell one book? no, they BOUGHT books and now they claim to be a ‘best selling author.’

Don’t fall for the red herrings. QLMethod everyone you meet, Question, Listen and Learn! I am Steve Sapato author and trainer helping you to find the truth. The QLMethod will help you learn more about people, which in turn helps you find their needs, wants and desires. Helping them find their pain and the solution you or someone you know can help them will change both of your lives.

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