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What Others Have to Say About Sapato Seminars:
Cece Shatz, Rhino On Air,

“I have had the privildge to attend Steve’s seminar, “Let’s Get Wellthy” and I must say what an event. Steve is an excellent motivational speaker but more importantly a very caring relating man.

He is the real deal! It was an honor to have him as a guest on Going Solo – Life After Divorce as he was certainly an inspiration to many.

Would I attend one of his seminars? YES, YES, AND YES!”

Brenda Jimmerson, Realtor, Atlanta, GA

“I would like to highly recommend Steve Sapato and his Seminars. I have found Steve to be very knowledgeable, humorous, informed and sensitive to his audiences and the subject matter at hand. His delivery method keeps audiences engaged and learning and isn’t that what seminars are all about. His knowledge of management styles and how to improve them would be invaluable to any organization experiencing transition from non-management personnel into management positions, as well as improving the methods and interaction of existing managers. Likewise, Steve’s understanding and sensitivity to personal relationship matters is “on point”. His ability to objectively view a subject and recommend a plan of action has and will continue to help many, many individuals and couples. Take advantage of any opportunity to be a part of a Steve Sapato Seminar.”

Dr. Joe Esposito, Peoria Chiropractic Group, Morton, IL.

“We had the great opportunity to have Steve Sapato speak to our organization. Steve provided our organization with much needed inspiration and motivation that we needed to kick off our membership drive. Steve’s speaking style combines motivation and humor in a comfortable yet inspiring method of delivery. I would recommend Steve to any group looking for a fun, motivational and inspiring presentation.”

Elizabeth Saelens, Executive Director, EH Spencer Foundation, Quad Cities

“Steve Sapato brought laughter and joy to our event! Spencer Foundation will always be grateful to Steve. Our Foundation looks forward to networking with Steve and using more of his resources in the future. Steve Sapato, a great guy who really understands a situation and draws the crowd into the cause! Excellent entertainment, genuine and thoughtful humor with highly amusing delivery! What else could you ask for? Thanks Steve!

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Steve has been a professional trainer for corporations for decades. His mentorship and leadership for numerous businesses have allowed him to create an atmosphere of success that pervades everything he does. His humor and creativity embodies a desire and hope in his audiences to become all that they want to and can become.

His newest book is ‘Become The GO-TO Person For Your Success’ takes Professional Networking to it’s highest calling and teaches you how to become the success you have dreamed of.

Featured on CBS/Atlanta for his expertise on Bullying and for his no-nonsense approach in his seminars on Bullying.