Why do nasty people become managers? And how do they stay?

Have you ever had a manager who truly didn’t know how to manage people? How does that happen? And if by some chance it does happen, how do those people keep their jobs? Mental Prosperity is a cornerstone for training Great Managers.

As a management trainer who has a blog, Great Managers Are Made Not Born, I am constantly in search of the great managers at every place I go. And I am usually very disappointed. Whether it’s a restaurant, a hardware store, a retail business or a corporation I am constantly disappointed by who I meet or who I learn about. After I speak, or after people know I teach management they often seek me out to ask, what can I do about my manager?

When I have casual conversations at bars or in airports I often watch bad management happening right in front of me. I see managers discipline their people in front of customers and other employees. Both cardinal sins of management.

I hear the horror stories where bad managers are not only in place but kept in place after terrible events where they demonstrate their complete lack of management skills.

I ask again and again, why are they allowed to stay in their jobs? And I think, there must be some place deep inside of their abilities that makes them appear financially desirable.

Notice I said appear. Because on the surface their accounting skill or their ability to hit their sales vs inventory numbers or something else makes it seem like they should be kept around in order for that company or organization to be successful. If, however, you look at the cost of employee turnover each company would see that those numbers pale when compared to the cost or replacing their staff.

How about you? Are you one of those bad managers? Because you see, you won’t think you are, but ask it this way, do you have a high employee turnover? Do you have a lot of unhappy employees? I know, there might be lots of reasons but … be real with yourself…  think about it. And then, if it’s you, start finding ways to fix the problem. There are lots of books, many YouTube videos to help but of course the best way to become a great manager is to take my course, Learn To Win in order to be completely effective and change your life.

Now ask yourself if you know of a bad manager, over-see a bad manager, what are you doing to either remove them or to teach them the skills they need to be successful for your organization?

Enroll them in my Learn To Win course, get my People Skills mini course on how to be successful with people or bring me in to teach a series on Great Managers Are Made Not Born and see how your company changes.

I am Steve Sapato and you are learning how to become a Great Manager.


When you have to succeed.

When you have to succeed.

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