Get an appointment from every networking event

How much money would it mean to you if every time you attended a networking event you were able to book another appointment?



I want to help you accomplish your goals as a business coach. You have set your goals, haven’t you? 


Tell me why you started your coaching business? Was it to work hard, be frustrated and make very little money? The average business coach makes less than $50,000/yr. How about you? For many, making $50k a year is a dream come true!

But what if you could start making the money you have always dreamed of? What if you could start making $100,000 every year? What would that mean to you, your family, your lifestyle?

I can teach you how to do that if you want with specific techniques and personalized coaching but…

What if you could suddenly start getting one, two or even three sit down appointments from every networking event you attend?

How much money do you think you could generate from three new coaching appointments every week?  Or does that number even matter? Here is the question of the day… what is your closing ratio? Or have you even had enough appointments to even get a closing ratio?

If you could sit down with 12 small business people every month how many of them do you imagine you could close? 2? 4? 8? and how much money would that mean to you.

Do you have an e-learning system for your clients? A system that you can market for $197/month that will give them the equivalent training to a two-year community college business degree.

So even if you are a terrible coach you could help their business grow for an entire year. Put them on auto-pilot and bring in their money.

What if you sold 4 of those every month? let’s see, 4x $197 = approx 800 the first month. Month #2 you would bring in  $1600.00 Month #3 = $2400!  by the time you got to the end of your first months-clients cycle you would have 48 small e-learning clients, correct?

That means you would have 48 e-learning clients in month #12 and make $9,456.00 that month! Or a yearly total of $62000! And then what if you kept signing up those little teeny e-learning clients at 4/month? $9500 every month from that day on. That is $114,000 a year!

How much would you pay to be able to make $62,000/year?

I can help you with that but that is NOT WHY YOU CAME to this site.

You came to learn how you can get one, two or three new appointments from EVERY networking event you attend! Correct?

How much money is that worth to you?

My system is so simple you will be able to book as many appointments as your calendar can tolerate.

One thing I hear from coaches all the time is that they go to networking events, collect several business cards, go back and start emailing those businesses HOPING one of them will want to meet or even HIRE them from their emails.

My system takes all of the HOPING out of this equation. It is so simple easy that you will kick yourself for not using it for all this time!

I am not going to bore you with all of the stories and hoopla the gurus make you read. I will not bore you with picture after picture of my struggles over the years. I am not going to make you wait for this huge long page to load with example after example.

Because this works every time for business coaches.


And after this training, after you implement this system you will want to sell it to other coaches yourself. It really is that easy.

I know what you are asking, HOW MUCH is it Steve?

Well, ask yourself this, how much is one new client worth? For some of us, $997/month, $12,000 a year.

And here comes that game all of the others play.

But this is not going to cost you $997! It’s not even going to cost you $497!

For you to be able to get one appointment from every event you attend isn’t even going to cost you $197.

It’s just too simple. Yes, I do understand I could charge you $97 because it’s worth $997 at least!

But I am greedy. I want you to understand that when you learn this one strategy from me, that once you understand how I can really help you grow your business, that you will want more of my training. That you will finally understand that people charging you huge sums of money for their ‘system’, their pages, their forms is a no-win situation for most of us.


My training is only $49.

Yes, you saw it right. $49 for you to be able to get at least one new appointment from every event you attend.

So what are you waiting for?

I am not pulling your leg. I am not charging you an arm and a leg. I am not breaking it into 4 easy payments because you and I both know that $49 is cheep cheep cheep if it does what I say it does.

And it does.

And it does, so that you will come back to buy more of my programs. Or come and attend them where I teach workshops. Hands-on straight to the point, authentic, proven methods to succeed in coaching. Right to the point. No BS.


Get an appointment every time


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Think about that answer carefully because it can change your life.

I am Steve Sapato and I have owned five businesses and managed three others.

I have taught businesses across the United States how to be more successful and I can teach you.

The difference between knowing and thinking you know can make you rich!

How often have you worked with a professional who can teach you these things? How often have you worked with a professional who wants to help you make more money?

You do want to make more money don’t you?

I have over thirty years of experience in management, training and marketing. This one training course can change your business and income. One day of intensive training time with Steve will get you past the level you are at and into the level you want to be.

Why wait when you can start right now to change your life and step up to the income you have been dreaming of.

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Learning to Win is what you have spent your life trying to do

Learning to Win is what you have spent your life trying to do



The Secret to your life is your Mental Prosperity!
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Steve has been a professional trainer for corporations for decades. His mentorship and leadership for numerous businesses have allowed him to create an atmosphere of success that pervades everything he does. His humor and creativity embodies a desire and hope in his audiences to become all that they want to and can become.

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