Make your company and you a success!

What will make your company and you, successful?

What is success? In many cases it differs. It could be making more money. It might be having more business. It could be fame. Maybe success to you means more time to do what you want.

Here’s what I know. Success is usually having more control over what happens. And in most situations, more money means more options. With that said then, we need to know how to be more successful, bring in more business, have a better plan, manage our resources better and free ourselves so we can take advantage of those options.

All of that comes with knowledge. And how do we get that kind of knowledge? We simply learn to ask.

Questions are the true resource for our success. What don’t we know that can help us? Why don’t we know it? It doesn’t matter how smart we are if we don’t grow and we can’t grow without the help and support of people around us.

What makes the people around us grow? Success. Their success. And now we are learning. When was the last time you asked the people that surround you what they wanted? What would make them more successful? What dreams, goals, hopes they have for themselves and their job and their company?

If we ask people around us their opinions, for their input, they will feel more connected when they see their ideas, that they are given credit for, being used to improve the workplace.

So what will make your company more successful? Questions! Yes! Questions.

And questioning is a skill, almost an art form, that people need to learn how to use. Questioning is an entire way of living that can change your company and change your people. Success comes from your organization knowing how to ask questions, being open to the answers, listening is a companion skill that will allow your people to then ask more questions to get even more answers.

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I hope this helped you today and that you will develop great skills in questioning and listening to help your company be GREAT!

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