Is your company forgetting to be great? What did your business forget?

What one thing will make your organization better? One secret that we forget. Did you?

As a business mentor I am constantly surprised by the amount of things that good leaders forget and all it takes many times is a simple reminder to get organizations back on track. That’s what Mental Prosperity is all about. What we know to make our organization better than our competitors.

Are you one of those companies that I am talking about? Meetings for example. How many of your people hate, yes, hate meetings? And why?

I bet your organization even hired someone in, once upon a time, maybe it was me, to teach you how to conduct a great meeting. (Audio of which I offer on my subscription podcast). And yet, most of your people still hate meetings simply because you have forgotten how to properly conduct a meeting. Not those drag-on-forever meetings your company is doing right now but great meetings that follow an agenda, have the right people and stay on time every time.

And what other things has your organization forgotten? That is my job, simply to look over a company or group and see what needs to be corrected and when I do, most times the organization will say, oh yeah, we have done that in the past. And then we both wonder why it isn’t still happening.

We forget, we slip away from specific methods that will make our company better.

And usually it is the management that allows these things to slip away. Not on purpose but often because one manager moves on and we replace that manager with someone who wasn’t trained in all of the things the previous manager was doing. Simple things that make a huge difference to your organization. My coming in finds those discrepancies and with simple training fixes many of them.

Here is what happens if you have a great manager running a department or group; we rise to the level of the expectations of the people around us.

That means if all of your people expect great things then great things happen.

So now ask yourself, is my organization making great things happen? If not, how can you make that difference that takes your company from good to great?

I am Steve Sapato and I hope this reminder makes a difference in your day.


We rise to the level of the expectations of the people around us. ~ Stephen Sapato, American author and business mentor

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