How can I help you …

You see, I would love for people to help me get better, find more work, improve myself or my situation.

I asked someone who sent me a friend request on LinkedIn, how can I be of service? After all, I am a great speaker, trainer and have loads of knowledge to help most any business be more successful. They responded, I will let you know. I then asked what their profession was? When they told me, I asked, is that your job? A hobby? What? I was interested in how they make money doing that. They responded with, trying to make it my profession. Great! Can you tell me what you are currently doing to make that happen? and I never heard from them again.
If you wrote to me and said Steve! How can I help you? I might say, referral to a person or company needing a great speaker? Invite me to connect with someone needing to create more business success? Hire me to speak? Hire me to train your people? Invite me to speak to your organization? Take my professional speaking course?

You see, I would love for people to help me get better, find more work, improve myself or my situation.

I recently was contacted to receive FREE coaching from a friend who’s class of coaches just graduated. Wonderful! Sure I would love free coaching even from a newbie!

And in that coaching they did help me with some suggestions. I was offered 3 coaching sessions. At the end of the third I was expecting the sales pitch… nope. So we scheduled a fourth session. I blew it off. Not on purpose and when my coach contacted me and asked what happened I profusely apologized and asked that we reschedule another coaching session.

I never heard from that person again. Would I have hired that person to coach me? Maybe, I was on the fence. I, just like you, probably could use regular coaching to help me accomplish my goals. But, they never called back and I had looked into their coaching. I had studied their methods and their organization. It was almost $20,000 for that person to purchase that coaching course and learn to be one. And yet…. they dropped the ball? Where was their coaching? Will they succeed or fail at being a coach? I don’t know and … I care. Maybe I should have been their coach.

I write this article or blog post to try to help others. I want everyone to succeed. I want everyone to get their dreams.

It’s why I spent years learning and growing. Reading book after book, listening to tapes, cd’s, MP3’s, watching hours and hours of the masters and the unmasterful as they help me to learn and grow in many ways.

I created my Learn to Love series, my Learn to Win courses, Great Managers Are Made Not Born courses, and my amazing course on communication, People Skills: Full Out to help people succeed in their lives.

So when I see people slip, or ask people if I can help, or see people not follow through when help is offered I have an ache in my heart for them because I know how much I want to succeed and be of help to others. I expect that they want that too.

Let me know how I can help you, my friends.

I am Steve Sapato

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Steve has been a professional trainer for corporations for decades. His mentorship and leadership for numerous businesses have allowed him to create an atmosphere of success that pervades everything he does. His humor and creativity embodies a desire and hope in his audiences to become all that they want to and can become.

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