Do you hire ‘bad managers’ to make your job easier?

Mental Prosperity is what makes some managers GREAT!

I recently had an owner share with me that they hire ‘bad’ managers so that those managers can deal out the harsh reality of work and they (the owner) only has to be the ‘good guy’ and enjoy their employees.

I was stunned. First of all, if you know anything about being a manager you should know how to deal with all types of people, all situation, and be great with your employees during difficult times.

Long before an employee becomes a problem a great manager would be having conversations, would be taking actions, would be helping and assisting that employee on getting better. In the end, if that person does not improve it would certainly have been in the conversation that it was the employee that was falling short and not the people around them or the leadership that has offered to help them the entire time. And by then, the employee knows the end is coming and there should be no surprises.

So when this company owner said they understood hiring a ‘bad’ manager I could not believe what I was reading.

But it also came out that we were on different planes for understanding. The question came, ‘what do you mean by bad manager?’

Good question. When I talk about good managers vs great managers vs bad managers I am not talking about being the ‘bad guy’ when it comes to dealing out bad news. I am talking about results. All results. Not just, did the manager get the results for the company but did the manager accomplish their department goals. The difference is that one is measured by statistical data while the other is measured by performance, satisfaction, attitudes and results that not only accomplish the company goal but also the company’s bottom line by accomplishing goals, keeping great employees who have high performance and satisfaction surveys that affect the entire organization.

If what you are looking for are great managers, start with proper training. Training in Skills with People. Training in methods that enhance an organization with questioning and listening like the QLMethod for Success. Training that helps you find the best people to put into management positions and not just promoting the next person in line.

I am Steve Sapato and I teach good managers to be great.

Get people to do what creates success for everyone by learning how to communicate.

Get people to do what creates success for everyone by learning how to communicate.

The Secret to your life is your Mental Prosperity!
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