How do great managers do it? When all of the rest struggle…

How do great managers do it? When all of the rest struggle…

Well, I think Richard Branson might be a great person to comment on how to continue being successful – It’s all about finding people smarter than you, getting them to join your business and giving them good work, then, getting out of the way and trusting them. … You must make them see their work as a mission.

Do you get it? It’s hiring, finding, promoting good people and helping them become great through vision and trust. Don’t micro-manage your people. Don’t do anything except help them become great. People want to be noticed. People want to be trusted. People want to be valued. And when you as a manager give your area a vision and a mission you are setting them up to succeed.

Many managers want all of the credit but great managers know it takes great people to succeed again and again. And when your boss sees how great your people are, how great you are for hiring the right people and helping them succeed your boss with think more of you.

And once you learn this secret to success as your people are promoted or move on to greater things they will have their friends and co-workers standing in line to work for someone like you and your success will continue.

Don’t be an average manager, be great!


Steve Sapato

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