Great Managers do not micro-manage

Great managers do not micromanage their employees and they have learned through their Mental Prosperity training to instruct and monitor.

When you are one of the few great managers and you have jobs to do it is very easy to overlook the instructions you need to accomplish the task. A course in Mental Prosperity, Learn to Win success training makes good managers great.

I was working with a car dealership a while back and the dealer hired me to ‘motivate’ his staff, saying sales were not progressing as they should. Well, my first question in my mind asked, sales are not progressing as they should? Who said they should and why, but I did not ask the dealership this. Instead I asked what they were doing to move sales ahead and they explained their current motivation. It was basically what all sales companies do and that was incentivizing the sales process.

When I asked what that meant they said, every month we offer the lead sales person a new prize or gift if they finish atop the leader board. I then asked, over the last several months, how many of your 23 sales people have won? They told me it was basically the same three people over and over.

Interesting, isn’t it?  What is your thought on this right now? Is that a good thing or not? Here is my in-post poll: The fact that the same 3 sales people are always winning the monthly sales board is because: A: They are using the wrong incentives B: Those sales people have been there the longest C: Those sales people are just the best sales people D: fill this in for yourself  😉

Just an interesting poll. If you would send me your answers I would love that!

But when I delved deeper into the why here is what I found; all of the sales people- yes, ALL of them had as there first complaint that they were not given the freedom to close a sale without bringing in the managers. Even the winners, the people selling the most vehicles were not allowed to close until the manager met and approved the deal.

What affect did this have on their sales people? Well, I can’t go into all the details here but it was a very significant impact on ALL of the sales people and a good reason why this dealership had a larger turnover rate for sales people than others.

The secondary reason for lack of sales success was a definitive lack of proper training. And when I say proper training I mean one-on-one sales training. Not the hoorah of my motivational meeting at 7:30 in the morning. The management had overlooked the real reason for lack of success and relied upon micro-managing every aspect of their sales people selling to try to accomplish their goals.

When we talk about great managers becoming more successful you will find that great managers know their people. They know what motivates each one and how that person’s motivation and reason for succeeding is different from someone else’s motivation. They know the struggles for each person and they know how to give details about each job, about each project, that will help each employee succeed at their portion of each project they are working on.

They don’t hover, they don’t check-up on them. They give them achievable, monitor-able goals that each employee can report on, success, failure, reasons and get help in achieving those goals.

Now tell me, is that what you are doing as a great manager?

I am Steve Sapato and I teach success.

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