Great Managers never allow ‘boring’ into their meetings. Separating good managers from great.

Great Managers never allow ‘boring’ into their meetings. Separating good managers from great.

What is one of the greatest challenges for communicating information? Boredom!

Tell me I am wrong. (OK don’t because I’m not.)

Whatever you are trying to accomplish in your meetings, if these meetings go on forever, your people are bored. If you give someone the opportunity to speak and they are not good speakers, if they don’t understand involvement, if they don’t understand interaction, voice inflection, humor, stories, how to get information across to their peers, their audience, then you will lose interest.

I teach GREAT MEETINGS and I teach Professional Speaking and I teach people how to keep people interested. And that is because I sat through hundreds of boring meeting and terrible workshops and seminars. I know you have too, right?

So then why do we allow people to bore us to tears? Is it because our managers don’t have the intestinal fortitude to tell a poor presenter that they are boring? That they need to take a course, class, workshop on speaking for success? Is it that the managers are boring themselves? Is it that the managers are not good managers and therefor don’t know how to talk to their people and tell them they can’t speak to the group again because everyone was falling asleep?

And, how do you talk in front of a group and not notice your audience is falling asleep, is bored or lost interest?

Either way it falls back on the MANAGERS to be great managers and now allow their meetings or presentations to be boring. Want to ensure they are not boring? As a manager, sit in on a one-on-one run through of that presentation before they give it. If you are struggling in a one-on-one situation to give them your attention you know that they are going to be terrible for the group in the meeting.

Great managers don’t allow their meetings to be boring. They don’t allow them to run past the scheduled time. They know how to run a meeting properly so everyone benefits from attending.

I am Steve Sapato with Mental Prosperity course including the ‘Learn to Win School For Success’ and I know you are becoming a great manager.


PS. Pass this on to your manager because they would like to know this information toooooo!

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