Great Managers are made not born. Success Training 101

Great Managers are made not born. Who is making you great?

Yes, every day in every way you need to understand that without growth there is only failure. One of the wonderful comments I have heard lately is, people don’t quit companies they quit people.

Do you understand that? People don’t normally quit their company, they quit because of what is happening within that company. I am now located in California but I have learned in every state I have been to that this is a true statement. How many good, even great, people has your organization lost simply because your staff, managers, and leaders are not properly trained?

I have heard many exit strategies as people have left organizations and they ask, what is the reason you are leaving? And almost without exception as I talk to people they give some lame answer,  and that wonderfully ineptly trained HR person says, ok, sign here, and they are out.

We do not train our people, neither do we reward our people, for going above and beyond.

What makes someone move on? Quit? Not excel at their job?

Typically I have found it is usually a simple phrase, they do not feel valued.

How are you, as a manager or supervisor, making your people feel valued? What do you know about your people? What excites them? What motivates them? What demotivates them? Do you have an way to find out? I don’t mean a suggestion box or that really lame open door policy. I mean, do you have communication, real, open, valuable communication with your people?

Here is one method to help you determine what you believe is true, after all, you are probably thinking that you are the exception and that you are a GREAT manager right now aren’t you?

Here is one test. At your next meeting, when it’s all done and you ask your standard closing question- does anyone have any questions before we end this meeting? (Or whatever you say to close your meeting). The test is… do you hear crickets? Is it deathly quiet? Do you struggle to get your people to answer/participate/communicate?

If that is the case, you need to start learning how to be a great manager. Or maybe your managers need to learn it. Or maybe your boss needs to learn it.

So, sign up for my blog and really start learning how to become a great manager because as you know, great managers are made, not born.

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