Episode 207 What makes you a great manager is

MANAGEMENT 101 ep 207 Great Manages are Made Not Born


As I worked with a client yesterday we shared how their job was going. They talked of all the changes that happened over the last month, how they felt about it, what they needed and what they were trying to accomplish.

This manager is, in my opinion, far ahead of the typical manager because they had been taught by their father about managing people and (as a part time pastor) about people in general. As I listened they shared some great incites as to how they were currently managing people and shared how they were reading management books – (are you?) – and how they were reading weekly newsletters/blogs on management.

They said they were stumbling in how they were leading four managers working under them who each had 12 members on their teams but couldn’t seem to get a couple past specific hang-ups in leading their teams to greater success, better results and what they hoped would create great atmosphere and moral.

A couple questions revealed why that might be happening.

First – what are your managers current goals for their jobs?

Second what are your managers five year goals for their jobs?

I asked if they had recommended the books they were reading to the managers under them. I asked if they encouraged continuing education through additional reading and learning to their employees.

And to all of those they replied they didn’t know.

Now I ask you those same questions.

What makes a great manager? Ask your people and you will find one of the first things people say is that great managers make their people feel VALUED. And one of those things that make them feel values is that they know and feel like you care about them. If you know their goals and can continually input how each part of their job and accomplishing daily/weekly/monthly goals is leading them to achieve their greater goal that they have for their job.

Where are you leading your people? And are you becoming a great manager?

I am Steve Sapato and I teach good managers how to become great.


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