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Great Managers Are Made Not Born Ep 224 Office Gossip

Great Managers Are Made Not Born should be the mantra for any organization. Creating great managers through training and education leads to a more successful company and happier employees.

Office morale is one area that is seldom focused upon and yet office morale is a huge part of company culture.… Continue reading

Speaking in public is NOT public speaking

I have heard it said way too many times that speaking in public is a person’s number one fear! Poppycock! Well, until it is your turn to speak.

When it comes to speaking in public what are you feeling? Too often I meet people who have been told, don’t take… Continue reading

Speaking Success = one single thing

The single most important part of public speaking.

I read, I listen and I hear speakers tell all about the keys to being a successful speaker. I watch them over and over as they explain the ‘Ten Steps’ to speaking success or the ‘7-Parts of a successful speech.’

The truth… Continue reading

What does it take to win at life?

What does it take to win at life?

To win in your career, your income, and your relationships, you must possess 3 things: – An abundance of confidence – Daily inspiration and motivation – The right insights, ideas, and instruction

What is it we all want in our lives? I… Continue reading

Your success is the song in your head..

Learning to Win is what you have spent your life trying to do

Does music change our odds of success?

When you wake up in the morning how do you feel? As I teach personal development, self-improvement, self-esteem I always ask about how people and their habits. You might even find yourself taking one of my surveys or quizzes that circle the internet inviting you to participate. Please do! You will find questions to help you be a success.

When you wake up in the morning what mood are you in?

When I ask this many people share a negative feeling of waking in the morning. “Ugh, it’s too early.” “I don’t wanna go to work.” I am sure you have all heard people express these feelings.

Do they change those feelings after they have been up a while? Some do. Some don’t. How about you?

Here is my goofy wake up good morning mood event. Yes, it is an event. I like to think that every evening when I go to bed that I decided to wake up in a great mood. People argue with me about whether or not you can decide the night before if you are going to wake in a great mood. I believe you can but if you don’t believe that then this article is for you.

When you wake up in a not so great mood, try this. Stumble into the bathroom, turn on the light, look in the mirror at the horror waiting for you there and say, “you are the best looking person in the room!”

I know! Crazy! Absurd! Wild! Drug induced! Continue reading

Why do nasty people become managers? And how do they stay?

Have you ever had a manager who truly didn’t know how to manage people? How does that happen? And if by some chance it does happen, how do those people keep their jobs? Mental Prosperity is a cornerstone for training Great Managers.

As a management trainer who has a blog, Great Managers Are Made Not Born, I am constantly in search of the great managers at every place I go. And I am usually very disappointed. Whether it’s a restaurant, a hardware store, a retail business or a corporation I am constantly disappointed by who I meet or who I learn about. After I speak, or after people know I teach management they often seek me out to ask, what can I do about my manager?

When I have casual conversations at bars or in airports I often watch bad management happening right in front of me. I see managers discipline their people in front of customers and other employees. Both cardinal sins of management.

I hear the horror stories where bad managers are not only in place but kept in place after terrible events where they demonstrate their complete lack of management skills.

I ask again and again, why are they allowed to stay in their jobs? And I think, there must be some place deep inside of their abilities that makes them appear financially desirable.

Notice I said appear. Continue reading

Great Managers do not micro-manage

Great managers do not micromanage their employees and they have learned through their Mental Prosperity training to instruct and monitor.

When you are one of the few great managers and you have jobs to do it is very easy to overlook the instructions you need to accomplish the task. A course in Mental Prosperity, Learn to Win success training makes good managers great.

I was working with a car dealership a while back and the dealer hired me to ‘motivate’ his staff, saying sales were not progressing as they should. Well, my first question in my mind asked, sales are not progressing as they should? Who said they should and why, but I did not ask the dealership this. Instead I asked what they were doing to move sales ahead and they explained their current motivation. It was basically what all sales companies do and that was incentivizing the sales process.

When I asked what that meant they said, every month we offer the lead sales person a new prize or gift if they finish atop the leader board. I then asked, over the last several months, how many of your 23 sales people have won? They told me it was basically the same three people over and over.

Interesting, isn’t it?  What is your thought on this right now? Is that a good thing or not? Here is my in-post poll: The fact that the same 3 sales people are always winning the monthly sales board is because: A: They are using the wrong incentives B: Those sales people have been there the longest C: Those sales people are just the best sales people D: fill this in for yourself  😉

Just an interesting poll. If you would send me your answers I would love that!

But when I delved deeper into the why here is what I found; Continue reading

The Secret to your life is your Mental Prosperity!
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