The #1 reason YOUR business isn’t growing and why you are not receiving enough leads.

The #1 reason YOUR business isn’t growing and why you are not receiving enough leads.

What are the greatest problems most business face? Leads and Conversions. Right?

Even if you have a HORRIBLE conversion rate (closing the sale) if you have enough leads you can still make money. And even if you have a tremendous closing ratio but you lack enough leads you may not be making money.

The two have to come together. But I ask this.. why aren’t you getting more leads than your business can handle? And… why aren’t you converting enough of those that your business must expand or burst with too much business?

You are using 20th Century advertising.

Do you remember the ad, WHERE’S THE BEEF?

Of course you do. Why? It was funny AND it asked the question and then answered it. It presented our pain, not enough meat in our sandwich and too much bun. And then it salved our pain by giving us their solution… HERE IT IS! Come and get it! And Wendy’s dominated for a while.

They had the solution in their hands and couldn’t hold it. Now their ads look just like everyone else’s.

Did you get it yet? The old advertising was tactical JUST LIKE YOUR WEBSITE. Probably just like your business card and advertising. Let’s give them a link to call us. Let’s give out our business card enough times so people call us. Do they call? Of course not unless you offer emergency services like plumbers or electricians or garage door companies… and then they call if you are on page one of their google search.

You are using old marketing called TACTICAL marketing. Put it out enough so people see it emough that you are in their heads at the moment they need your business.

But that was the old marketing.

Here is the problem. No one is sharing the new marketing with you. STRATEGIC marketing. Making sure you connect with the people and not waiting waiting waiting for them to connect with you.

Strategic marketing is all about PLACING yourself foremost in their mind. Reminders, helpful hints, articles, newsletters, suggestions, ideas, referrals, connections.

If you are not stepping up maybe you should connect with someone who knows strategic marketing. Maybe it’s your web person.  MAYBE it’s your ads person (but I doubt it). Maybe it’s your business coach.

Ask. Ask the people around you how STRATEGIC marketing can completely change your business and maybe even double or triple your income. Isn’t that what your advisors should do for you?

I am Steve Sapato, the most famous unfamous speaker in America and America’s most trusted business coach.

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